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WP Optimiser Review | Actual Use and Real Test Result

WP Optimiser Review

Optimiser your WP site and Improve your site speed up

wp optimiser rating


WP plugin

this wordpress plugin increase your site speed up 500% it will fix all issues with few click.

Today i will do a review on WP optimiser plugin. this plugin for created by chris hitman. basically this plugin will

optimise your wordpress site and improve your site speed. i am using wordpress for a while and i am facing this

problem like when ever i load my site it take for more than 8 to 9 second and i thought maybe some of my plugin

causes to take load time or my server or hosting causes this issues but i have no idea what to do i install some of free

plugin but that didn’t work at all then i just checking out the jv product launch site and i see wp optimiser site i watch

the video checkout the page and i thought this plugin will fix all my problem i immediately buy and optimise my site

i checkout that my site is improve or not and i see the result and i was shock like my site is running like a Jet plan

before it take to load 8 to 9 second now after install wp optimiser it take 1 to 2 second to load. so i snapshot my site

here is my result.

After that i check the my site in to Google website speed test and i got amazing result of that my site is fully

optimise and also it will improve mobile devices too in mobile i got 82/100 and Desktop i got 90/100 here is the result.


i was so damn lucky that i found this plugin now my site is improve and boost my load time and it will improve my

conversation in future. if you facing this kind of problem than you need this plugin Checkout for more info

How does it work

Once’s you install wp optimiser plugin in your wordpress site you have to go through each step by following in that training. there are total 6 step to optimise your site.

lazy load images

optimize images

bulk optimize images

optimize database

site health check

site speed profile

onces you go through all step you ready to go now your site is now fully optimise it only take few click. i definitely

recommend this plugin for anyone who facing speed issues of wordpress site this it will worth it. for more info about

this plugin  Click here

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